Sahand Behnam

Entrepreneur and Business Consultant.
Expert in Data Acquisition and Data Business.

Who I am?

Who I am?

As fast and short description about my self. My name is Sahand Behnam, an Entrepreneur, Consultant and Technologist. I was born in March 1980 in Tehran (capital of Iran), but now I reside in Essen in Germany. My last academic degree is DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) and I’m a Telecommunication Engineer. Now I’m the CEO and founder of ‘Teleminer’ Company.

My Profile


• Founder and CEO of Teleminer, Essen, Germany (March 2018 – Date)
• Founder and CEO of SharifTarasheh, Tehran, Iran (Sept 2008 – Sep 2018)

• DBA, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
• EMBA, Industrial Management Institute, Tehran, Iran.
• BSc, Telecomm Engineering, Iran Telecomm University, Tehran, Iran.

• Lead Auditor Certificate for ISMS (ISO27001), IMQ.
• Lead Auditor Certificate for IMS (ISO9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001), IMQ.

Technical Skills

Technical Skills

• Strong knowledge in SCADA and Telemetry Technologies.
• Strong knowledge in IoT and M2M Technologies.
• Strong Knowledge in Advanced computer programming (i.e. Java, Python, PHP)
• Strong Knowledge in Database and Big data: MySQL, Cassandra, Hadoop
• Experience in Data Mining and Machine Learning applications.
• Bach end Programming in Python, C++ and PHP.
• Hands-on experience in Engineering, Technology and Project Management.
• Design and implementing Embedded Systems.
• Experience in Analog and Digital circuits design, Digital Filters Design, Communication Interfaces design, Digital Signal Processing, Data Transfer, Coding and Encryption, Data Compression, Digital and Analog Modulation design, Microcontroller base design, Data Storage systems design, GSM-GPRS Modules design, GPS and Tracking Projects, Sensing Systems design.

What am I doing?

What am I doing?

I’m an expert in Hi-tech business management. Especially in Concept Design, Product Management, Marketing and Market Development. (Over all Business setup and expansion in Technology Atmosphere).

How can I help you

I can help you in:

• Making decision, strategy design, risk management and business roadmap design.
• Helping to create profitable ideas and finding professional and motivational executive teams.
• Keep methods and resources up to date for business goals.
• Analyze statistical data and key business information for market development and strategy selection.

• Conceptual Design Team Management
• Industrial design, mechanics, electronics and software teams management.
• Product portfolio management.

• Review and analyze the target market.
• Selection and formulation of a marketing strategy
• Marketing campaign design.
• Arranging a professional marketing team.

Where am I

Where am I?

My office is in Essen/Germany and I can also be found on the Internet through my:
• Email:
• Telegram: @sahandbehnam
• Skype: sahandbehnam

Thank you

Sahand Behnam
Essen, Germany